Apprenticeship Standards

Customer Service Practitioner

Great customer service is a critical brand differentiator that’s key to the success and reputation of your business. Instilling tip top skills in your customer facing teams is vital to serving customers in the best way possible. An integral part of the product experience, delivering great service minimises customer churn and makes it possible to compete effectively in a crowded marketplace.

Your apprentice will undergo a 12 month apprenticeship training programme at Level 2, during which they will be supported with on and off the job training to assist their development. Throughout, they will collect evidence of their success with customer feedback, recordings, performance evaluations and witness statements that document their progression.

Team Leader

Supervising, guiding and motivating, an effective team leader ensures staff are motivated to perform well and achieve team goals. Closing the skills gap of this vital management tier is the key to building a high performance organisation and represents an important investment in developing tomorrow’s senior leaders.

Your apprentice will undergo a 12-18 month apprenticeship training programme at Level 3, during which the focus is on developing three key skills areas: managing people and developing relationships; organisational performance – delivering results; and personal effectiveness – managing self. 

Assistant Accountant

Growing internal accountancy skills is vital to the stability of an organisation’s financial operations. Providing learning and development ensures the constant progression of junior talent, preparing them to become middle weight and senior level accountants. This apprenticeship is focused on delivering the industry standards, knowledge, skills and behaviours an assistant accountant needs to bring best practice to your enterprise.

Project Management

Project management is critical to enabling business performance and organisational success. Today’s organisations manage projects within increasingly complex environments driven by regulatory changes and organisational restructuring. New product development, post-deal integration, outsourcing, policy implementation as well as systems development and implementation are all key project initiatives organisations must manage.

Providing staff with the development and skills they need to drive projects and deliver anticipated outcomes, on time and on budget, is essential. Effective project managers make a significant difference to the bottom line.

Your apprentice will undergo an 18 month apprenticeship training programme at Level 4, gaining a Level D International Project Management Association (IMPA) qualification that will springboard them into your operation with the must-have skills needed to support organisational strategy and communicate across all levels to get the job done. 

Operational Departmental Manager

Continued business growth depends on the ability of the operational manager to deliver on the strategic plan. Ensuring strength at this leadership level is essential, whether you’re training up existing personnel or fresh talent. This comprehensive programme supports your apprentice through the equivalent of an associate degree and provides them with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to drive results for your business.

Your apprentice will undergo a 30 month apprenticeship training programme at Level 5, optionally gain a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management qualification, and will focus on three key skills areas: interpersonal excellence – managing people and developing relationships; organisational performance - delivering results; and personal effectiveness – managing self. 

Chartered Manager

Playing a key role in delivering organisational and objectives, a chartered manager is a great investment for your business. Developing the capabilities of graduate calibre employees and giving them the skills and know-how to effectively lead people and manage change will increase organisational productivity and performance going forward.

Putting theory into practice in the workplace, this programme enables you to grow and develop future business leaders. What distinguishes this apprenticeship is the unique blend of employer-defined skills, knowledge and behaviour outcomes that are integrated and assessed as part of a management degree.

Candidates will gain Chartered Manager status, the most prestigious status that can be achieved in the managerial profession. Awarded only by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the management qualification is recognised and valued across all sectors.

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